[Opening Scene: Black Swan]

“I had the craziest dream last night.  I was dancing the White Swan.”

IMDB reviewers who say a movie “isn’t the best they’ve ever seen” but rate it ten stars anyways.

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Carrie teaser trailer

Although I wasn’t inside the theater at NYCC, as it was full, I did see the panel speaking from outside the room.  And now, having seen this, I’m even more excited about this film.  Kimberly Pierce is wonderful.

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Perfection + confection = these cupcakes.

You have heard your bad pun/joke of the day.  You may now move on.

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I think I’ll start the voting for the follower’s Top 50 Horror Movies 2012 soon. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since the 2011 list.

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Day 20: Black Christmas (2006)

My rating: 4/10

Okay, okay, it was entertaining.  Ish.  It was entertaining-ish.  But truly, there are a multitude of completely mindless, bloody, torture/murder films that fulfill absolutely nothing more than they promise, and which are far better movies than this.

I have not seen the original, but I’d imagine that anyone who worked on it cried openly when they saw the remake.

The acting is either unexceptional or bad.  The plot makes no sense.  The villain is yellow, because of a liver disease he was born with.  Somehow I think this is just an excuse to make a “creepy looking” bad guy.  Sadly, all it did was make the villain yellow.

I’m really not sure whether the movie was trying to take itself seriously or not.  I hope not, but I kind of think it was.  There were one or two good gore scenes, but not as many as I had hoped for, and nothing you won’t find in every other slasher-type film.

If you’re looking for a bad, schlocky, bloody film which should not be taken seriously at all, it makes a fun one-time watch.  Other than that, just leave it in the $3 bin.

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